Luigi Servadio

Assistant Professor

Business Administration , Jönköping International Business School


+46 36-10 1937
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Conference paper

Servadio, L. (2017). Ritual of cocreation. “Wine and food conference”, June 5, Cá Foscari University, Venice, Italy. More information
Servadio, L. (2016). Value in cultural context. MITSC conference, March 14 – 16, Göteborg, Sweden. More information
Servadio, L. (2015). A cultural perspective of the value creating practices. MIT conference, March, 25 – 27, Linköping, Sweden. More information
Servadio, L. (2015). Value cocreation in cultural context. "The Naples forum on service”, June 9 – 12, Naples, Italy. More information
Nordin, F., Ravald, A., Servadio, L. (2013). The Complexity of Value-Creating Networks: Multiplicity, Heterogeneity, and Contingency. Napoli: Giannini Editore, The 2013 Naples Forum on Service, Naples, Italy, 18 - 21 June, 2013. More information
Servadio, L. (2013). Models of innovation and contextual complexity: a conceptual contingency model. “The Naples forum on Service”, June 18-21, Ischia – Italy. More information
Servadio, L. (2013). Value creation innovation. MIT conference, May 28 – 30, Lund, Sweden. More information
Servadio, L. (2013). Value cocreation in open innovation systems. Doctoral colloquium at 29th IMP conference, August 28 – 30, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. More information
Servadio, L. (2013). SMEs and the dynamic factors enabling competitiveness in electronic marketplaces. MIT conference, October 2 – 4, Uppsala, Sweden. More information
Servadio, L., Nordin, F. (2012). Critical issues during servitization: an in-depth case study. AMA Servsig, International Service Research Conference Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland, June 7-9, 2012. More information
Servadio, L., Brozovic, D., Nordin, F. (2012). Overcoming the Chasm: The Smart Machines Teaching Case Study. Academy of Marketing Conference 2012, Southampton, July 2-5. More information

Doctoral thesis

Servadio, L. (2018). Customer Rituals: Ethnographic explorations of wine rituals with families and friends (Doctoral thesis, Stockholm: Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University). More information