Tobias Fridholm

Research Fellow

MMTC - Media, Management and Transformation Centre , Jönköping International Business School

Research Fellow

Business Administration , Jönköping International Business School


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Tobias Fridholm is employed as a postdoctoral researcher in Innovation studies, focusing on innovation policy. He holds a doctoral degree in Human geography from Uppsala University.


In his research, Tobias focuses on so-called transformative innovation policy. Society of today faces challenges which have the potential of significantly altering living conditions of people across the world, also in Sweden. Sometimes referred to as 'grand challenges', these include climate changes, aging populations, environmental degradation and more. It is clear that society in some respects needs to transform fundamentally to avoid future crises. Tobias' research concerns how innovation policies in Sweden respond to these challenges. He particularly focuses on how to monitor and evaluate the impact of such innovation policies and on low-carbon solutions in cities. Tobias' research is part of the Swedish Transformative Innovation Policy Platform (STIPP), funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova) 2017-2022.