Henry Lopez

Assistant Professor

Business Administration , Jönköping International Business School

PhD in Business Administration


+46 36-10 1865
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Henry Lopez-Vega, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at Jönköping Business School (JIBS), Jönköping University, Sweden. Prior to join JIBS, he was a lecturer in the department of management and engineering (IEI–FEK) at Linköping University, Sweden. Henry has a MSc and a Ph.D. from ESADE Business School, Spain. Henry's research contributes to the burgeoning discussions on the implementation of open innovation, digital innovation and foreign R&D investments. In his research about open innovation, Henry has studied firms such as Philips, Swarovski, Natura Cosmetics and their strategies to search and integrate knowledge; renewal of corporate strategy; and benefits of science-based and market-based partners. In his studies about digitalization, Henry is studying the effect of digitalization in the automotive, forest and media industries using cognitive and institutional theories. Finally, Henry’s research about R&D investments focus on innovation strategies of MNEs in emerging markets. For example, one project is studying how and when did the Brazilian economic crisis affect innovation activities of subsidiaries, from Swedish MNEs, in Brazil. Until now, Henry’s research has been published in leading innovation journals such as Research Policy, Journal of Product Innovation Management, R&D management.  In Sweden, he received research funding from Vinnova, Riksbanken, STINT, Wallenberg and Wallander foundations.

Google scholar profile: https://scholar.google.se/citations?user=GS48TbkAAAAJ&hl=sv


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Book chapter

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Conference paper

Lopez-Vega, H., Tell, F., Gillmore, E. (2020). Subsidiary role change during a local economic crisis: A sensemaking approach. 80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 7-11, 2020, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. More information
Gillmore, E., Lopez-Vega, H., Tell, F. (2020). Reconsidering Bartlett & Ghoshal’s role typology: a sense-making approach to subsidiary role change. 40th Annual Strategic Management Society Conference, October 24-27, 2020, London, United Kingdom. More information
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Lopez-Vega, H., Lakemond, N. (2019). Why don’t endowments of unique natural resources lead to innovation? Aligning strategy, processes, and resources to build innovation capabilitie. Academy of International Business. More information
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